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Administration Module

Administration Module in DreamSoft Inventory System has modules which can be used to control the Company, Business Units and Group, Users Information with True Multi Company Environment and Multiple User Environment.

Company Master : (Parent Company Or Main Company)
Business Unit : Along with different Business Unit Address Details with Taxation Related Details like VAT No. TIN No., PAN No. etc. to be stored in this form. Admin can create no. of Business Units under which the Company is Operating
Branch Master : Under Each Business Unit, various branches can be created along with their Address and contact details. Branch is mainly for creating multiple users in each Branch and accordingly the users can be given the access rights. Current Branch is Displayed on the Main (Home) Screen and Change if Branch is also possible by a click of a button without logging off the system in a truly dynamic Tree Structure Environment. All Reports and Data are Business Unit / Branch Wise and individual / cumulative analysis is also given.
Group Master : Definition of all User Groups like administrator, purchase, sales, stores, accounts etc. will be done by Admin through this form. All Groups can be given access rights in terms of Read, Write, Edit, Delete through individual form selection. Users who have selected access rights can only carry out that respective activity when they login to the System and Access Control can be established onto the users.
Users : Here details of the Users can be saved along with their Username and Password and Main Business Unit of the Company to which he/she belongs to. Along with this Admin can give him the access to Other Accessible Business Units which user can access in this System. Also User’s Primary Branch can be selected here where he can login and user can change the Branch later as per his Rights given by Admin. Also Group to which a user belongs can be selected from this Screen.
Select Branch : All Business Units which the User has access to are shown here in the Tree Structure. User as per his access rights can switch from one Branch to another in different business units from this form. Advantage is that User doesn’t have to Logoff the System every time he wants to change the Branch.
Database Backup : Admin/Users can take a Regular Database Backup manually by clicking one Button and all Data from the database will be saved as One File in a particular destination. Regular backup absolutely must to avoid any data losses in case of Server crash.
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